Supporting leaders

Learning with peers by building connections and sharing experiences

Building teams

with effective processes and practices to keep team members motivated, engaged and focused

Growing businesses

through consistent check-ins to ensure that strategic goals are being met

The Membership

‘Just in time’ learning

A growing vault of ‘apply right away’ mini training courses on crucial leadership and management subject areas. Build your leadership skills…fast.

Community connection

Our private online discussion group is a center for networking, support and day to day leadership.

Weekly wisdom

Practical, current advice on leading your team, growing your business and your own personal development as a leader in weekly emails, following relevant monthly themes.

Interactive, live events

Twice monthly webinars that focus on business issues and challenges, as well as celebrating wins and successes. ‘Leadership Lounge’ focuses on your personal leadership journey, and ‘Team Talk’ centers on your team and business growth.

A Preview…

In this comprehensive learning experience, you’ll be accompanied by Yara Journeys Founder Annabelle Beckwith, as she teaches you what matters most in today’s business landscape, helping you boost your leadership skills, build a high-performing team that will lead your clients to success, and grow your business with unyielding confidence.