Your business success starts with YOU


helping entrepreneurs and business owners build high performing, productive teams and successful, profitable businesses.

As a founder, entrepreneur, or business leader, you’ll know what most people don’t: that this isn’t as easy as it looks from the outside. There are challenges to face, obstacles to overcome, and decisions to make that take up your energy and emotion, not just your time and money.

The Leader’s Edge Alliance is a subscription membership

focused on equipping YOU as a leader with the knowledge, skills, and insights that you need to run a happy and motivated team and to grow a successful and profitable business.

By joining, you’ll be able to:

Stop worrying you’re getting it wrong... by learning and implementing proven, best practice techniques for business growth and people management.
Anticipate future challenges and head them off at the pass with improved strategic thinking and problem solving.
Overcome impostor syndrome and lead with increased confidence through ongoing guidance and support.
Avoid wasting time and energy on things that don’t work.
Know how to lead when challenges come up by learning principles adapted from some of the world’s most successful businesses.
Build a motivated team that’s bought into where your business is going long term through improved clarity around your vision, purpose, and strategy.
Build a stronger and more resilient leadership mindset in yourself and your leadership team, building loyalty and becoming leaders that people want to follow.
Make sure everyone is on the same page and driving forward in the same direction using powerful communication and strong people management skills.
Understand why the same problems keep cropping up by spotting the hidden patterns in your business and learning how to fix them at their source.
Grow your team’s capability so you’re free to step back and work ON your business and on building your legacy, rather than being dragged back to work IN it.

… the list goes on

The Leader’s Edge Alliance Membership

‘Just in time’ learning

A growing vault of ‘apply right away’ mini-training courses on crucial leadership and management subject areas.

Community connection

Our private online discussion group is a center for networking, support, and day-to-day leadership advice.

Weekly wisdom

Practical, current advice on leading your team, growing your business, and your personal development as a leader in weekly emails, following relevant monthly themes.

Interactive, live events

Twice monthly webinars focus on business issues and challenges, as well as celebrating wins and successes. ‘Leadership Lounge’ focuses on your leadership journey, and ‘Team Talk’ centers on your team and business growth.


This is for you if

You’re a scale-up entrepreneur ready to grow your business while avoiding common pitfalls.
You recognise that the next stage of your business growth is going to take more than what you know thus far.
You’re an entrepreneur or business owner and want to expand your network and leverage peer-to-peer support with like-minded people.
You no longer have time to guess your way through business growth and team leadership— you want to learn from those who have already been through it.
You understand that successful businesses start at the top, and you’re determined to improve your leadership skills and impact the lives of your team and clients.
You’re a business owner with a purpose and vision whose goal is to create a win-win situation for you, your team, and your clients.

The Value Of This Membership Is Well Over $11,000

Let’s break it down...

Business coaching for leaders and executives costs between $450 to $550 per hour.
Each training course offered in our vault would cost $250 - $650 each to attend, for an equivalent 90 minute - half-day seminar.
Each online webinar we offer would normally cost $400-600 to attend.
With us, you’ll only pay a $697 annual membership fee to get full access to our vault of training programs, interactive webinars, a private online group, and more.
Your membership gives you access to world-class, best practice knowledge and vital information to build YOU as a leader, develop your team and grow your business for a sensible and affordable subscription fee.

We’re focused on you and your success.




We can also offer a GROUP MEMBERSHIP if you have upcoming leaders and others in your business who would benefit from the Leader’s Edge Alliance.

The Leader’s Edge Alliance will give you answers to these questions, and more...

How to find the “Perfect Employee” for your team and how to strategically onboard them.
Using effective time management: how to get more done with less stress, and prioritize the right things.
How to influence and persuade your team with integrity so that they can perform at their best.
How to delegate properly and get things done right the first time.
Setting strategy based goals for your team … and motivating them to achieve
Understanding team dynamics: what’s going on in YOUR business, and why?!
How to make the most out of your meetings: avoid time-wasting and gain commitment to action
How to handle conflict effectively.
Powerful communication: and why questioning and listening are more powerful than telling a compelling story
Leading with Emotional Intelligence… and how the best leaders excel at it.

A word from Annabelle Beckwith

Annabelle Beckwith

Everything that I’m putting into the Leader’s Edge Alliance is based on 20+ years of experience working with executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in over 25+ countries internationally in businesses in every sector and of every size, from global corporations to small but ambitious scale-ups.

My aim in everything I do is to save those who are the backbone of our economy time and money... and reduce stress and burnout... as they build their businesses.

For me, what I do is as much about leaders as human beings achieving personal aspirations and goals as it is about them as leaders meeting business objectives.

This is why everything I share in any of my leadership and business growth programmes is a blend of compassion and challenge. It comes from real life, lived experience as well as globally proven best practice frameworks, selected because I know they will work for your business. And they will work for you.

Join me on this Personal and Professional Growth Journey.