Leadership and
business growth

Make sure your entire team is pulling in the right direction by setting clear, strategy-based goals that drive your business forward.

Every business needs a clear strategy, and both team and individual goals that drive towards achieving that strategy. Make sure every single person in your business knows  where you’re headed, and how they contribute to your overall business ambitions by setting clear, measurable, strategy-based goals.

Attracting, hiring and keeping the right people for your business shouldn’t be a lottery. Here’s what to do, step by step, to hire the right person for the first time.

ALL entrepreneurs struggle with hiring at some time or other: good people don’t seem to stay or – possibly worse – people who were great at interview turn out to be useless at the job, costing you time, money and stress. Follow this proven system, and get the right person in the right role first time.

If ‘the gloves are off’ and the conversation is getting heated, you’ll need to know how to calm the situation down and find a productive way forward…

Conflict is uncomfortable, whether we’re caught up in it or whether we’re the ‘referee’ in a
disagreement within our team. Here are some proven tools and techniques to help you
handle conflict with emotional intelligence, wisdom and compassion.

A more productive, motivated, high performing team is just a few questions away…

Coaching is a vital leadership skill, and yet many leaders miss out because they
misunderstand what coaching is. Using this proven technique, you’ll empower your team,
improve motivation and productivity AND gain yourself time and freedom to work ON your
business not IN it.

Want to feel that you can trust your team to deliver whatever you delegate to them, every single time? Here’s how.

The leader who isn’t delegating effectively isn’t managing effectively - that’s what they say (and they’re right!). Contrary to popular myth, delegation isn’t something you have to figure out for yourself: here’s how some of the world’s leading corporates train their executives to
delegate. It works for them, and it’ll work for you.

Have a powerful impact on those around you by learning how to influence… with integrity.

Being able to persuade and being a person of influence goes beyond individual
conversations. This mini course will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and other
people, and how you can leverage that to influence and persuade without manipulating.

Having those difficult conversations really doesn’t have to be the gut-churning experience that we all dread... No one likes conflict… and yet, as leaders, sometimes we have to risk it in order to give feedback and potentially tell someone something that they don’t want to hear, or that might upset them. Here’s how to hold that conversation in a way that makes the point, improves performance and maintains the dignity and motivation of the person you’re talking to.

There are only ever going to be twenty-four hours in the day, but if you can manage your time effectively you can get more done with less stress.Every entrepreneur knows how important it is to use their time wisely and how stressful it is to run out of time.

Here are some proven tips to have more time, reduce stress, get the important things done and feel more in control of your time.

A leader is only as good as their team and the team is the backbone of every business. Training a team is integral to driving a business forward successfully.  This course gives you all the tools you need to enable your teams to learn, encourage proactivity, build confidence and create an environment for success within your business.

There are only ever going to be twenty-four hours in the day, but if you can manage your time effectively you can get more done with less stress.Every entrepreneur knows how important it is to use their time wisely and how stressful it is to run out of time.

Here are some proven tips to have more time, reduce stress, get the important things done and feel more in control of your time.

Company culture is often overlooked by entrepreneurs and business owners because it can seem too touchy-feely, difficult to quantify or like you can’t do anything to change it.

But that isn’t true. The truth is, ignoring company culture can create barriers to your future growth. In this course, we’ll dive into things that you can be doing to consciously create and curate a productive culture that will support your business growth.

A lot of what we think about when we think of powerful communicators has to do with transmitting a message but that’s only part of the puzzle of communication.

Being a powerful communicator is about a whole lot more than just being able to spread your message. In this course, we’ll take a look at the fundamental and foundational building blocks of communication.

Most of us would like to think that we’re reasonably emotionally intelligent, and yet, for most of us, there will be times when our emotions get the better of us.

In this course, we’ll begin to see ourselves as other people see us to build our own self-awareness, as well as growing our understanding of other people to build better working relationships.

Businesses are not machines, they are ecosystems. Those business ecosystems are comprised of human beings, and trust is an extremely important thing to human beings.

Teams function far more effectively when they’re in an environment of trust. In this course, we’ll be taking a look at why trust is important in a business context, how to be a trustworthy leader and how you can build team trust even in difficult times… and why this matters for your business’s bottom line

Leaders can really struggle while new teams develop, moving from a random group of individuals into a high-functioning team.

In this course, we’re going to look at understanding early-stage team dynamics, focusing on two frameworks that highlight what a leader needs to do to build a high-performing team.

Growth requires change, but unfortunately, humans as a species aren’t the best at dealing with changes.

In this course, we take a look at how we view change, the journey of change, and the practical steps to take when navigating change as a leader.

Oftentimes in business, we’re focused on delivering results and achieving goals. Those things are important, of course, but there’s also a need for clarity around how you’re going to accomplish those things.

In this course, we take a look into what behavioral frameworks are, how to create a purposeful set of guiding principles, and answer the question of how you want your people to carry themselves within your business.

We all know that if a team is happy and motivated, they’ll be more productive. Motivated, happy teams are more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty as they drive you and your business towards your strategic goals.

In this course, we look at the ways to recognize a motivated team, how to identify teams who are losing motivation and how to nip that lack of motivation in the bud.

Being able to present yourself in a positive way is not only useful in a business context, but in any part of your walk of life.

In this course, we take a look into mastering your own voice and body language to create an impression of confidence, inspiration, and influence in your position as a leader. In addition, we’ll talk about reading and understanding other people’s nonverbal communication signs.

Both innovation and continuous improvement become critical as you drive forward in your business growth.

In this course, we look at the difference between innovation and continuous improvement, why both are important to your business growth and how to ensure they’re linked to your overall business strategy. Then we’ll take a look at the practical processes that lead to innovation, continuous improvement, and ultimately your business growth.