Creating a Positive Culture

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction: Consciously Creating Culture  
Unit 2 Creating A Positive Culture Slide Deck  
Unit 3 Creating A Positive Culture - Workbook  
Unit 4 Team Culture Mapping Activity  
Module 2 Content
Unit 1 Course Overview  
Unit 2 Why Culture is Key  
Unit 3 Mapping Your Current Culture: The Good, Bad and Ugly  
Unit 4 Mapping Your Current Culture: The Cultural Web  
Unit 5 Mapping Your Current Culture: Your Leadership Impact  
Unit 6 Learn, Leverage or Leave  
Unit 7 Defining Your Culture  
Unit 8 Implementing Culture Change: Purpose, People, Process  
Unit 9 What We've Covered  
Module 3 Wrap Up and Feedback
Unit 1 Conclusion: Consciously Creating Culture